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Employer and Employee Benefits
Helping You Focus on Your Business
FIC Staff Services Inc. in Keswick, VA offers a full range of employee insurance products with multiple employer contribution levels. Choose among several FIC employer and employee benefits packages that may be right for your company, and let us handle all the service work. Your employees can access a comprehensive set of benefits offered by financially sound companies. Because we assume responsibility for employee paperwork, you can focus on running your business. You can continue to supervise your staff's activities while we meet tax deadlines, process your payroll, and provide exceptional benefits.
Employer Benefits
- Reduced Business Overhead Means
  Increased Profits
- Workers' Compensation Insurance 
- Elimination of Costly Payroll Errors
- Less Nonproductive Time
- Reduced Record Keeping and Filing
- COBRA, Garnishment, and Child Support
Employee Benefits
Please call for group quotes, or consider individual policy list billing for employers of five or more.
- Section 125 Cafeteria Plan
- Employee Pension and Retirement Plans:
  Simple, 401-K
- Life Insurance, Dental Insurance, Short
  and Long-Term Disability, and Long-Term
  Care Insurance
- Anthem Group Health Coverage 
- Anthem Individual Coverage
- Aflac
TRAC Agreements and Tip Credits
Our participation in these IRS programs translates into serious employer benefits. If you have tipped employees, our TRAC agreement obligates us to respond to any FICA tax audits you may face, while assuring your compliance with IRS rules. The IRS actively audits businesses whose employees receive tip income. All IRS tip credits are given back to you, our client employers. As your accountant knows, these credits go directly to your bottom-line.
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