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Workers’ Compensation Management
Saving Time and Money for Your Business
Let FIC Staff Services Inc. in Keswick, VA help you improve your cash flow by eliminating the need to make significant workers' compensation insurance deposits. We can finance up to 100% of your workers' compensation premiums in a market that is constantly changing. With us, you know you'll have reliable, continuous coverage. We handle audits and claims processing promptly and accurately.
Cost Savings
- Low or No Annual Deposits
- Enhanced Cash Flow
- Improved Experience Rating
- No Audits
- Voluntary Market Access
Loss Control Management
- Safety Engineering
- Job Site Inspections
- Claims Management
- OSHA Compliance
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No matter what you're doing or how you do it, FIC's more than 25 years of experience can be harnessed for any small business.
FIC Staff Services, Inc.
Keswick, VA
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